About Me

Coming from Chattogram, Bangladesh, I am Sohel Farid, a SME entrepreneur. My shoe company "Kraft" has revolutionized the e-commerce and fashion industry known for its magnificent diverse nature.

I took inspiration from my father, Farid Ahammed, who is a visionary and iconic entrepreneur. I joined the family business at a very early age to learn about business, entrepreneurship, and social duties. My father's foundation is related to many charities working across my home town, which inspires me to serve the society, and I am proudly happy to be part of it as a co-chair.

With Kraft, I want to create quality products that can be affordable to every consumer class. I find that most of the renowned brands target only the upper-class consumers with expensive products, which is not affordable for everyone. However, my business strategy is to provide premium goods for everyone within budget, from any economic background. My new innovative e-commerce marketplace site www.kraft.com.bd which is accessible to all.

Since joining my family business, I learned a lot about retail sourcing. Later that year, with shoes and leather products, I launched my first retail venture in 2009 very famously known as Grameen Super. Since then, I've invested in a variety of retail brands to meet the varied needs of people from all walks of life.

The planning for Kraft started in 2014. Later, I announced that I would open the first premium shoe retail store of Kraft in 2020. Since then, it has been trying to provide our valued customers with the highest quality footwear and leather crafts.

My next objective is to establish clothing and apparel line for everyone, available to all consumer classes. I also want to step into the international fashion industry with Kraft that would represent Bangladesh to the world.

I am an active traveller, a blood donor, and I love to write blogs related to people's lives, which inspires me to motivate myself to do more for people, society, and my country. I love to share my experience with others. I also love to write about entrepreneurship, ideas, and experiences that I've gathered in this short period of life as a author.

My list of plans and priorities includes setting up the first Chattogram-based brand to establish a national benchmark business that will manage everything from a single store to not only to the entire country but also to the international market via an e-commerce platform. My investment approach is to build on developing the SME initiative with a low-budget investment that reaches every doorstep around the world from a single storefront.