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Don’t get discouraged from being vaccinated.

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Say to your friend or family member, “Let’s go get vaccinated!”
This method is called presumptive communication. The announcement or hypothetical approach is successful in the clinic and is likely to work in personal communication. We’re not taking away someone’s autonomy. All we are doing is establishing a verbal default.
Convincing someone who is opposed to vaccines is a long process. It’s extremely tough. Remember that people’s opinions will not change in one conversation for those vehemently opposed to vaccines in general. The important thing? Maintain a connection with them. Make sure not to cut off, speak over or jump into correcting our loved one. Listen to the person we are talking to and meet them where they are. We shouldn’t agree with any false information, but we should empathize and continue the process rather than ending our relationship or ending the conversation.
Right now, many people are scared. The pandemic has completely transformed our lives.

Mine suggests giving our loved ones an empowering message: We can do something about this disease.

Remind them that they can help change their and their loved ones’ trajectories in this pandemic by getting vaccinated. We can do something about it. These vaccines work.

I am vaccinated.
With thanks, Sohel Farid.

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