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Revenue From Air

A law should be enacted that no ad of a foreign artist can be aired on national channels. This would have paved the way for the income of the artists of our country, especially the young ones who are struggling.
The government has not closed any channel. A clause in the Cable TV Act of 2006 states that foreign channels downlinked in Bangladesh will not have any advertisements. The law came into force in 2021, fifteen years later. Most of the foreign media seen in our country are pay channels, i.e., pay-per-view channels. Local distributors market these pay channels. They did not inform the broadcasters when they entered into the distribution agreement that domestic media cannot be linked down without a clean feed. It is also essential for the development of the domestic industry. The culture of disobedience has been going on for ages, and this has created complications.

Much love, Sohel Farid

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