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Difference Between B2B and B2C

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For understanding B2B marketing, we will take the example of Shoe; how do they come to the showroom and reach us? The leather goes through various levels to become footwear. First of all, the merchants will acquire raw material from the suppliers; after that, cutting and machining are accomplished, followed by the making of the shoe, and finally, the finishing is conducted on it. Then they are packed in boxes and distributed to the showrooms, which are available for us to buy. In this example, there are a series of transactions that occur for making a single shoe. B2B starts when the raw material is purchased and ends till it is allotted to the showroom.
The transaction between the business and the final consumer is B2C. This may include any sales process where the selling of goods and rendering of services by the company is done directly to the end-user. The decision-making in B2C is relatively easy because the transaction is a single step and does not involve many persons. The target market is enormous, and there are millions of consumers, so the major try to make buyers from shoppers. Nowadays, consumers can purchase goods online too, which is also a business-to-consumer transaction where they can select the product online and order it. The company will deliver it to the residence of the consumer.

The two business models cover the complete business process when they bring together. B2B is mainly for those entities which sell their products to other business entities by adding value. If we talk about B2C, it is for those entities engaged in the sale of their products to the final consumer who will not resell them.
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