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sohel farid

The days of tolerance are over.

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I have been living in an awkward feeling for the last few days. Dirt, sadness, anger, everything is the same. We all Bangladeshi witnessed the highest sacrifices of three million martyrs and three hundred thousand women being disrespected. Our peaceful secular Bengal is eager to be polluted by the smokers of religion. But sadly, we have to start a new war; our country must be freed from the hands of these miscreants. As an obedient citizen of this beautiful country, I warn those conspiring to destroy our communal harmony to destabilize the country. Bangladesh is now completely digital. You are all identified; you will be brought under the law, the rule of law will punish you. The days of tolerance are over. Religion fest is everyone’s festival; everyone should have equal respect for all religions exists.
As a practicing Muslim, my religion taught me to respect the rest of the faith that exists on the earth, and it is written on all Muslim’s religious books, and our prophet strictly ordered it follow.

Sohel Farid

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